Social Impact Fashion Runway

Dress Your Rights & Haussmark

On November 1, 2018, Dress Your Rights developed a Sustainable Fashion Catwalk in conjunction with the Haussmark Interior Design Company, in order to carry out a fundraiser to open a new job in the sewing workshop of “Doña Marlen” in Cartago.

The event aimed to present the Dress Your Rights foundation to the public and to express its commitment to sustainable Costa Rican fashion. Representatives from UNICEF, the United Nations, the Vital Voices organization, the European Commission, among others, participated in the event.

The development of this initiative sought to support national designers committed to sustainable, responsible and ethical design, and to showcase national talent in front of a select audience.

Our foundation wants to express its gratitude and gratitude to all the people involved who made this event a successful and unforgettable night, mainly to Doña Marlen who, on behalf of her companions, shared her testimony and speech with all the public present.

Below is the list of special thanks:

Main sponsors:
The Agency
Dress Your Rights Volunteer Team

Designers List:
Home Therapy
Andrea Vargas placeholder image
John Howard
Ana Gutierrez
Fabrizio Berrocal
Muss Muss
Nomadic collector
Rob Chamaeleo
Concepción Miranda
Garden of Venus

Bloggers who supported the management with their notes:
May Moon
Cristian Vega
We are Trend

Ego CR
Contact CR

Glen Alvarez
Giancarlo Soto
Connie Linares

Makeup and Hair:
Derly Cubillos

DJ Diego Lopez

Catwalk Narrative:
Juan Rojas Alpizar

Soft Skills Workshop

At Dress Your Rights we create workshops to improve transversal skills and/or soft skills in order to add value and growth opportunities for individuals and their families. These workshops help to improve interaction, growth and stimulation both inside and outside of the workplace.

On August 25, 2018, a female empowerment workshop was held in the “Doña Marlen” sewing workshop, in Cartago, in which the seamstresses and members of their families participated.

5 hours of the specialized workshop on assertive communication, gender and self-esteem were developed.

The main objective of these activities is to create a sustainable consciousness from within the fashion industry, empowering at the individual level to generate collective empowerment.

Most of this group of women became unemployed when the textile manufacturing industry in Costa Rica closed due to aggressive competition from foreign countries. Today they enjoy a decent job, thanks to the new Conscious Fashion Industry that is growing stronger in our country.

We would like to thank the generosity of many people and allies such as The Agency, Haussmark, Tienda Espacio and the national designers who participated. Thanks to this support it was possible to donate a sewing machine to the participants of the workshop, which today is now a generator of decent work for 4 households.

#IAlsoWant Campaign

During the month of March, we promoted a collective work campaign with the purpose of generating awareness of the national and international reality on issues such as gender equality, discrimination and sexual harassment. As part of the campaign, we were part of a mentoring day with Voces Vitales Costa Rica where we shared with young women and adolescents from Hogar Siembra who, due to various situations, have been exposed to environments of violence and risk.

Hogar Siembra is an institution created in 1983 that ensures the integral development of women. In this Comprehensive Training Center, young women study and receive courses in optimal conditions, providing shelter and tools for incorporation into the workplace. Both academic training and life skills are necessary for personal development in an environment of opportunity, respect and equity.

With Voces Vitales Costa Rica we share the vision of creating community between organizations aligned in the defense of human rights and the generation of spaces for accompaniment and empowerment among us.

The mentoring day was full of enthusiasm, active listening, creativity and participation in the activities that the collaborators of both organizations prepared in a socio-educational workshop. We also talked about empathy, which is the ability to understand the feelings of other people and the situations that each of us experiences without judging or harming ourselves, in order to support ourselves in a framework of solidarity. All these reflections allowed them to recognize their own characteristics, clinging to their dreams to build their future.

This workshop was one of mutual growth and changed the day of the 25 young people and the collaborators who participated. The activity left an even more significant footprint that fostered coordination between organizations and strengthened alliances, led to staff awareness and the interaction of interdisciplinary professionals. For the young women of the Hogar Siembra, it becomes an experience that broadened their life perspectives and the conditions for personal improvement and conflict resolution.

Definitely, these initiatives fill our souls and make us feel completely grateful for the opportunities that allow us to grow as a company and as women.

For us, fashion is the expression of our voice!

“At Dress Your Rights we wear rights, values ??and hope.”

Education and Empowerment for the Caribbean

Gandoca is located in the region of Talamanca. Talamanca is the most impoverished region in Costa Rica, with 50% of the population lives in extreme poverty, with no access to drinking water and electricity. The average level of education in this region is primary schooling. Unemployment and lack of access to resources have made the people of this region extremely vulnerable to economic, social and environmental changes.

Our goal is to empower the people of Gandoca with confidence, clarity and vision to design a sustainable future for themselves and their environment. This initiative is led by Punta Mona, Dress your Rights and The Development Association (AD) of Gandoca. We are a group of three passionate organisations looking to make a change.

On February 18, 2021, we made a diagnostic visit to explore the needs of both The Development Association (AD) of Gandoca and the local community. The AD has made many efforts and attempts to carry out actions that positively impact the community; they have not been able to access Dinadeco funds that correspond to them because they lack the knowledge, tools and techniques that allow them to develop an operational work plan.

We are raising money to provide educational tools, experiences, and resources for the people of Gandoca.

Our goal is to raise $2222 to provide training programs that will enable participants to develop an operational work plan for the development association (AD) to promote active, conscious and peaceful participation to strengthen the community and democracy of the inhabitants of Gandoca, Talamanca, Costa Rica.

Support our fundraiser here