Who we are

ANDREA BELEN: Entrepreneur and manager of social enterprises, mentor of human potential, developer of environmental regeneration projects, designer and conscious fashion activist. Professional with studies in Psycho-spirituality, International Relations and Fashion Design.

DIANA TREJOS: social entrepreneur, consultant and advisor committed to promoting social justice, human rights, and individual and collective empowerment. Professional in Psychology with a specialization in Social Studies of Development and project management.

SYLVIA ARIAS: committed to promoting Human Rights and creating social impact for a better life. Professional specialized in Strategic Communication.


– Be promoters of economic development with, for, by women and contribute to local entrepreneurship.
– Support the facilitation of decent employment.
– Be spokespersons for Slow Fashion.
– Be managers of Fair Trade.
– Promote and facilitate projects that collaborate with the sustainable development of fashion in response to social challenges.
– Develop strategic alliances in favor of sustainable development.
– Advocate for sustainable fashion.


Manage and promote initiatives that contribute to and guarantee sustainable development in the fashion industry from 3 pillars:

– Economic: responsible production and consumption.
– Environmental: good practices and respect for natural resources.
– Social: gender equity and inclusion.


Unite and coordinate the effort and talent of people, organizations and companies that wish to join the call to build a better world, through the fashion industry with projects that guarantee sustainability.

* What is Slow Fashion?

Slow Fashion is a philosophy of responsible fashion consumption. A movement that aims to raise awareness and educate citizens about the impact clothing has on the environment, the depletion of resources and the impact of the textile industry on society.

Our commitments as a Slow Fashion brand:

– Smart consumption
– Small-scale production.
– Employees are just as important as customers.
– High quality and durable products.
– Contribute to organic and responsible economic growth.