“We dress our rights, values and hopes”

What do we do?

“DYR promotes an ethos towards social, economic and environmental awareness.”

We support, manage and develop initiatives that drive sustainable development within three pillars:

  1. Economic: responsible production/consumption and evenly distributed resources.
  2. Environmental: good practices and respect for natural resources.
  3. Social: diversity, gender equity and inclusion.

We unify & coordinate the efforts and talents of individuals, organizations and companies that aim to co create a more conscious planet.

Promoting economic development with, for and by women, as well as contributing to local entrepreneurship
– Supporting the facilitation of decent employment
– Promoting and managing fair trade
– Developing strategic alliances in favour of sustainable and regenerative development
– Advocating for sustainable fashion

How we do it

We design, implement and manage 5 strategic programs:

1. Onboard: inclusive economy, promotion of economic development, local entrepreneurship and decent employment.

2. Voice: encourage conscious fashion; fair, responsible and sustainable trade, and women empowerment.

3. Sustainable Network: adhering to objective 17 of the United Nations Agenda 20-30.

4. Design for Inclusion: we build communities and promote fashion where all people feel represented.

5. Design for the Environment: conscious lifestyle through the use of renewable materials while we strive to lower our carbon footprint.

Personal Well-Being and

Social and Economic

Environmental Activism

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What makes us different?

• We are the first foundation in Costa Rica focused on conceptualizing the fashion industry as a transformation tool. We collaborate to create new paradigms of generative lifestyles that honor human rights.
• We work in line with the 2030 agenda of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
• Our impact model is replicable both locally, regionally and globally.

Who do we work with?

– Producers in the fashion industry
– Communities
– Social Organizations
– Organized Groups

Social Focus

DYR prioritizes populations of women and their families who are socially disadvantaged, migrant people, low-income house holds and people with disabilities.

Who do we work with?

  1. Awareness campaigns.
  2. Training and educational programs.
  3. Events that promote responsible consciousness.
  4. Advice on issues of sustainability, productivity, entrepreneurship and well-being.