Program 1

Inclusive Economy, Promotion of Economic Development, Local Entrepreneurship and Decent Work.

We strive to encourage an inclusive economy in order to increase opportunities and the quality of life.

Our responsibility of promoting equal opportunities and promoting the empowerment of women to fully enjoy their rights and freedoms without discrimination or exclusion.


· There are determining socio-cultural characteristics for economic development.
· It is imperative to distinguish that the concept of gender is not synonymous with women, but rather refers to the relationship between men and women.
· Let us understand that gender relations do not occur in isolation and that they are articulated with other variables of social differentiation, such as class, age and ethnicity, among others.
· Employment is generated through economic development and local consumption.


· Generate employment in the fashion industry through the hiring of female talents as a factor of economic growth for Costa Rican society.
· Acquire products from local entrepreneurs as a mechanism to add value and empower the local market, and thus these small and medium-sized companies generate employment in their communities and produce financial income in their operations.

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